This is a shiny app built with R and CSS. The tables are made with {Reactable} and the shotmaps and timelines are {ggplot}. I try to update the data within 24 hours of the last game that match day. The url EredivisiePlots.com is just sent to shinynew.robinkoetsier.nl/eredivisie as you can see in the address bar.

If you want to support me, you can do so by going to my Ko-fi page!

The little money will go to maintaining and upgrading the server that runs the app (it's kinda slow now...)

If you have any ideas or feedback, contact me on Twitter,where I`m also posting other visualizations

For my match dashboards (the shotmap and timeline combined with some other stats), follow @EredivisiePlots.

I also made , an app to make age profiles of your favourite team.