Create your own age plot - A Shiny app by @RobinWilhelmus


Go to and search for your favourite team.
When you're on the page of your team, look at the URL. It looks something like this:
There are two thing important: the club (inter-mailand) and the teamcode (46).
The other number is for the season, but we ignore that. Just copy the two values and paste them in the boxes on the left (including the minus sign (-)
Click on the 'scrape!' or 'Scrape older season!' button and wait a little while.
A (new) table on this page will appear which means the data is scraped and ready to plot!

Go to the 'Age plot' or 'Age plot older season' tab

Age plot 2019 will only show the players that are still at the club. Use the other scrape function with 2019 as entry to get all the players for that season.

Choose some colours from here:
or a hex colour code, enter them in the text fields and click on 'plot!'

Choose white as a colour to have no rectangle for peak age

It will only plot from data that is available on, so how far you can come back is different per team!!

Data scraped for:






Data scraped for:



Data scraped for: